Quiet Drones 9

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Quiet Drones 9
Various Quiet Drones 9 Download (paplus54)

Volume Nine in the ongoing Quiet Drones compilation series of 
electronic, ambient and experimental drone music, featuring: Molekules . Inner Space Voyage . Jakob Thiesen . James Hamilton . KALTE . Panic Engines . N A V I . Jim Wylde

Toronto’s paper+sound label has been operating since 2009, releasing a wide range of electronic-based music in it’s nine year existence. This is the 54th release for the label, having put music out on cassette, vinyl albums, vinyl 7″, compact discs and digital only downloads.

The Quiet Drones compilation series has long been a favourite of the label, showcasing mostly exclusive and unreleased ambient drone music – largely from Toronto and the surrounding regions. Past contributors have included paper+sound affiliated artists such as HEIKI, CHROMOSPHERE, DIRTY INPUTS, dreamSTATE, naw, PROCESSOR, ATONEMENT and DE HAGA plus selected deep drones from KALTE, NORTHUMBRIA, DISPLACER, URM, SEVA, MICHAEL HOLCER, JAKOB THIESEN, CELL MEMORY, CINEMASCOPE, PULSEWIDTH, BUILDING CASTLES OUT OF MATCHSTICKS, J.M. LADD, INCHOATE, NO COLOUR BLUE, THE FREQUENCY PROJECT and more.

With the Ontario and Quebec provinces in Canada experiencing their coldest recorded temperatures, the theme for Quiet Drones 9 is harsh winter cold.

“Icebreaker” is the introduction and ice breaker for both the Quiet Drones 9 album and for Molekules, the new electronic music project from sound scientists Kris Helström, Scott M2 and Heiki Sillaste. Highly prolific Toronto-based sound alchemist Karl Mohr contributes an epic symphony of frigid atmosphere with his piece “Twenty One Degrees”. No stranger to soundtracks, Karl is an acclaimed composer for IMAX documentaries. Jakob Thiesen is another ambient composer involved in the world of film and sound design. This is Jakob’s second contribution to the Quiet Drones series and was last heard on Volume 6. Montreal based James Hamilton contributes an intensely frigid piece with “Ghost Engine”. James is a veteran sound designer working in film while releasing a huge body of work over three decades. Deane Hughes and Rik MacLean of Kalte return to Quiet Drones with their loop based piece ‘The Bergschrund Equation’, a shivery piece of frosty electronics. Panic Engines is the analog synth noise/drone project of veteran Canadian sound experimenter William A. Davison. The title of the piece “The Wasteland Dreams Of Snow-Covered Corpses” perfectly captures its sharp, arctic tones. Toronto group N A V I create a densely layered, dystopic cinematic journey. An imagined film score, “Pernath” soundtracks the bleak winter months, utilizing both acoustic and electronic sound sources. Montreal based experimental musician Jim Wylde collaborates with the prolific sound engineer Eva Stone, for their piece “La Noirette”. Chilled loops are overlaid by a spoken word poem performed in French by Eva.

Quiet Drones 9 collects new and exclusive ambient tones
In addition, the tracks on QD9 have been mega mixed into one long continuous ambient mega mix,
by paper+sound label chief Heiki Sillaste and Chromosphere’s Kris Helstrom.
Compiled/photos/design by Heiki Sillaste.
Mastered at Wright Sounds, Toronto
by Kris Helstrom and Heiki Sillaste.
1. Molekules: Icebreaker
2. Inner Space Voyage: Twenty One Degrees
3. Jakob Thiesen: Market Forces
4. James Hamilton: Ghost Engine
5. KALTE: The Bergschrund Equation
6. Panic Engines: The Wasteland Dreams Of Snow-Covered Corpses (excerpt)
7. NAVI: Pernath
8. Jim Wylde: La Noirette (ft. Eva Stone)

Quiet Drones 9_art5-13-13


Molekules is the new electronic project of Kris Helström, Scott M2 and Heiki Sillaste, combining elements from all of their heritage in Chromosphere, Digital Poodle, dreamSTATE, Hozers, Indarra, Kinder Atom, Sonic Boom Orchestra and other sonic compounds. “Icebreaker” takes them deeper into the Canadian winter explorations of dreamSTATE vs. Heiki’s “The North Shore” as they forge a new passage northward.

Inner Space Voyage
Twenty One Degrees

Inner Space Voyage is the experimental ambient music of sound designer and composer Karl Mohr: two decades of sonic sculpting for IMAX documentaries recombining into musical landscape.
“Twenty One Degrees” begins in the controlled thermal nucleus of human comfort, stretching the divide to a melting exterior, calling out for deep freeze return. Sampled quartz infrared heater joins ebow-stimulated electric bass guitar.
Quiet Drones 9_art2

Jakob Thiesen
Market Forces

Over his 20 year career span, Jakob Thiesen has been active in the Canadian Film, Documentary, TV and Video Gaming industries. He composes electronic ambient music, and is interested in exploring the space where the lines blur between sound design and music. Jakob’s work has been presented at International Film and Music Festivals such as Sundance, Tiff, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mutek, etc.
Last year he attended the Wildeye School of Wildlife Film-making group expedition to rural Sweden with Chris Watson and Jez Riley French and a group of international recordists to learn more about field recording in relation to arts practice.

James Hamilton
Ghost Engine

James Hamilton has been hammering nails into water for over three decades.
“Ghost Engine” was recorded and mixed in December 2017 and January 2018 at The Pines and 308, Montreal.
Hammond bv organ, Lyra-8, amplifiers and feedback systems by JH.
Quiet Drones 9_art3

The Bergschrund Equation

Kalte return to paper+sound with “The Bergschrund Equation”, a new transmission evoking abstract mathematics and mysterious terrain. In keeping with their long standing interest in alien technology and cold electronics, “The Bergschrund Equation” once more finds Deane Hughes and Rik MacLean of Kalte offering missives from the far frontiers of their musical journey.
Further communications from Kalte are expected in the near future, while past testimonials remain stored at

Panic Engines
The Wasteland Dreams Of Snow-Covered Corpses (excerpt)

Panic Engines is the analog synth noise/drone project of veteran Canadian sound experimenter William A. Davison. The project was initiated in 2013 and three albums of material have been released – a C-60 called “A Box On Angles, Thin Arms Extended Irons” (2013), “Ten Thousand Sleep In A Dry, Cracked Voice”, a 21-minute 3″ CD-R (2014), both on Davison’s own Disembraining Songs label, and “A Frame Of Eyes In Flesh-Red Detonations” on the Control Valve netlabel (2017). A few rare live performances have also occurred.
Studio improvisation by Panic Engines (W.A.Davison) recorded at Rambik Studios, Toronto, Jan. 8, 2017. Korg Monotron synths, vintage stereo EQ, loops. Recorded to cassette.
Panic Engines


“Wall rattling chamber music from hell” – a disgruntled neighbour. N A V I is a Toronto based group that performs with a combination of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Presented are imagined film scores, with elements of modern classical, ambient, drone, Lynchian jazz, breakbeats, and doom metal – all reinforced with sub bass culled from futuristic dubwise influences. Acoustic compositions are augmented through an electronic lens that serves to enhance the sense of space and mood, producing a densely layered, cinematic journey. A dystopic future swathed in the fading gauze of an abandoned past. Five distinct character sketches form the basis for N A V I’s second EP – “Entomology” released in 2017.


Jim Wylde
La Noirette (ft. Eva Stone)

Jim Wylde began creating music under the name sp3ct3rs in 2011, also releasing music under the name Soft Altars and more recently Jim Wylde. Mediums include laptop, keys and guitar, samplers and various fx boxes. Jim works across the ambient, experimental lo-fi styles.

Eva Stone is an active musician on the Montreal Scene since 2001. She studied classic music in Vincent d’Indy’s college, then went to study at UQAM in guitar interpretation. It is at l’UQAM that she developed an interest for sound engineering. She started experimenting with her solo project and fronted several bands: Many Mental Mistakes, Les Zerreurs. Eva is known as a guitarist, singer, songwriter, but In 2011 she opened a venue called Jackie and Judy were she did the programmation and the sound. She has been a sound tech for 7 years and has been working several rooms in Montreal and around. Eva is a part of Sala/Vitrola/Casa tech team for 2 years now!

“La Noirette” started with the the idea of a non-traditional style drone, organically evolving inside slightly shifting loops. This was achieved using a Casio MT-68 and capturing slight variations of a melody in a MTL ASMBLY Count to 5, Line6 Dl4 and EHX 720 set at various intervals in a chain, then looped. The rest of the chain utilized OBNE Black Fountain, Homenoise Black Lodge reverb, Nightfall Pedal Co 11:33 and EHX Cathedral. (Some tweaking occurred.) Lyrics were written by Jim in English and translated into French by the brilliant Stéfan Popović then performed by the uber-talented Eva Stone. The final mix was put together by Jim.
Jim Wylde
Quiet Drones 9_art4