Quiet Drones 8

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Various Quiet Drones 8 Download (paplus50)

Volume eight in the ongoing Quiet Drones compilation series of
instrumental, electronic ambient drone music.

Toronto’s paper+sound label has been operating since 2009, releasing a wide range of electronic and electronic based music in it’s year existence. This is the 50th release for the label, having put music out on cassette, vinyl albums, vinyl 7″ and compact discs, as well as digital only downloads.

The Quiet Drones compilation series has been a long favourite of the label, showcasing mostly exclusive and unreleased ambient drone music largely from the Toronto and surrounding region. Past contributors have included paper+sound affiliated artists such as HEIKI, CHROMOSPHERE, dreamSTATE, naw, PROCESSOR, ATONEMENT and DE HAGA. With selected deep drones from KALTE, NORTHUMBRIA, DISPLACER, URM, SEVA, MICHAEL HOLCER, JAKOB THIESEN, CELL MEMORY, CINEMASCOPE and more.

Quiet Drones 8 opens with Toronto’s brilliant Dirty Inputs. Huge installations and video wonders are the name of the game in his hugely popular live extravaganzas. This epic introduction recalls Germanic textures of the 70s kind. The latest Dirty Inputs album ‘The Runcible’ is out now on tape from paper+sound. Saskatchewan native Pulsewidth contributes a complex, powerful and relentless modular drone. Building Castles Out of Matchsticks (a.k.a. Anne Sulikowski) has created a modulated system piece, topped with stretched granular radio swirls. Her latest album is available on CD from paper+sound.

J.M. Ladd doesn’t typically drone, but here, he certainly goes deep. Bowed music to bow down to. Improvised sound by mostly visual artist Inchoate (Brett Despotovich) slowly evolves from a flurry of abstract noises to a delicate machine melody. Pastoral, melodic beauty flows from No Colour Blue, a tape-based ambient electronic collaboration between Jess Forrest of Castle If and M. Joakim of Processor. Deep as the Sea by musical dreamscaper Andrea Smits (a.k.a The Frequency Project) is a slowly evolving piece, revealing ever-shifting melodic textures and phrases.

Quiet Drones 8 collects new and exclusive ambient tones
In addition, the tracks on QD8 have been mega mixed into one long continuous ambient mega mix,
by paper+sound label chief Heiki Sillaste and Chromosphere’s Kris Helstrom.
Compiled/photos/design by Heiki Sillaste.
Mastered at Wright Sounds, Toronto
by Kris Helstrom and Heiki Sillaste.
1. Dirty Inputs: Signal Returning
2. Pulsewidth: Not The Desired Effect
3. Building Castles Out of Matchsticks: I Have Been To The Bottom Of The Ocean
4. J.M. Ladd: Bowed
5. Inchoate: Nocturne
6. No Colour Blue: VS Violet
7. The Frequency Project: Deep As The Sea


Dirty Inputs
Signal Returning

Dirty Inputs is Aaron Dawson, a musician and VJ based in Toronto, Canada. Dawson was part of the Toronto ambient drone collective Off The International Radar and has shared the stage with the likes of Holy Fuck, A Place To Bury Strangers, Junior Boys, Hauschka, Quintron and Nadja among many others.

“Signal Returning is an experiment with disintegration. It was originally a completely different song, and I was really unhappy with the result. Frustrated, I started to take each of the separate layers and disintegrate them, slowing them down, adding layer upon layer of different reverbs to them. At first it was almost an attempt to destroy them, to punish them. I didn’t even listen back to it for a long time after messing with it, I was so annoyed at myself. But then, listening back, I started to realize this was where it should be.” Dirty Inputs’ debut album for paper+sound “The Runcible” was recently released as a limited tape and DL.

Not The Desired Effect

Ernie Dulanowsky is an electronic music performer from Regina, SK. Ernie uses a hardware-based workflow, with both homemade and commercial electronics to create ambient drone and noise pieces.

Building Castles Out of Matchsticks
I Have Been To The Bottom Of The Ocean

Building Castles Out of Matchsticks is the musical diary of Anne Sulikowski. Using guitar, loops, synths and pedals Anne creates unique sonic palettes ranging from textured dronescape to melodic granular swirls, stretched, reverberated, quietly twisted then modulated with love, fuelled by a vivid imagination, thought disorder and an addiction for wandering. BCOM’s debut album for paper+sound “Magical Thinking” was recently released as a limited CD and DL.

J.M. Ladd

J.M. Ladd doesn’t typically drone, you can usually find him whining over his ambsace project. But when he does drone it’s with heavily-processed guitars, pianos, Maschine and a Moph.


inchoate is the sound project of visual artist Brett Despotovich, started in 2015 (formerly known as ‘The Despot’).
Audio sculptures are created by playing within component chains of signal generation, effect and decay. Tracks are very rarely predetermined, and always rely primarily on improvisation in reaction to forms born during their performance. ‘Nocturne’ used a very simple set up of keys, a KP1, and a DD-20, and was recorded live summer 2015.

No Colour Blue
VS Violet

No Colour Blue is a tape-based ambient electronic collaboration between Jess Forrest of the Toronto based music project Castle If and M. Joakim of Processor.

The Frequency Project
Deep As The Sea

The Frequency Project is the musical dreamscape of Andrea Smits. Ranging from electrogaze, chillout, ambient & downtempo electronica. Pushing and pulling you through sonic waves of drones and found sound, Deep as the Sea brings you deep into a forgotten world. A world where time does not exist, a world where wonder and the unknown reign. Andrea uses mainly her trusty mackbook pro and midi controller to create her sounds using Logic Pro X. She also records found sounds from cities, the country side, small towns
and nature.
the frequency project