Quiet Drones 1

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pps62_VA_Quiet Drones 1
Various Quiet Drones 1 Download (paplus62)

Volume one in the ongoing Quiet Drones compilation series of 
electronic, ambient and experimental drone music, featuring: Atonement, Chromosphere, Heiki, Kinder Atom, Lazer Caps and Rapoon.

paper+sound is very proud to reissue the first volume of the Quiet Drones ambient compilation series. Newly remastered from the source recordings, the original edition of Quiet Drones 1 appeared back in 2007, on the Toronto based nice+smooth ultramedia label.

Half of the tracks on QD1 were mined from the extensive nice+smooth ultramedia back-catalogue, while the others are exclusive to this release.

2019 will see the release of Quiet Drones 10 (!!!) on paper+sound. Label head and Quiet Drones curator Heiki Sillaste wanted to revisit the first volume and have it made available again, twelve years later, on his own label.

Toronto’s paper+sound label has been operating since 2009, releasing a wide range of electronic-based music in it’s ten year existence. This is the 62nd release for the label, having put music out on cassette, vinyl albums, vinyl 7″, compact discs and digital only downloads.

The Quiet Drones compilation series has long been a favourite of the label, showcasing mostly exclusive and unreleased ambient drone music – largely from Toronto and the surrounding regions. Past contributors have included paper+sound affiliated artists such as HEIKI, CHROMOSPHERE, DIRTY INPUTS, dreamSTATE, naw, PROCESSOR, ATONEMENT and DE HAGA plus selected deep drones from KALTE, NORTHUMBRIA, DISPLACER, URM, SEVA, MICHAEL HOLCER, JAKOB THIESEN, CELL MEMORY, CINEMASCOPE, PULSEWIDTH, BUILDING CASTLES OUT OF MATCHSTICKS, J.M. LADD, INCHOATE, NO COLOUR BLUE, THE FREQUENCY PROJECT and more.

Quiet Drones 1 collects new and exclusive ambient tones
from Atonement, Chromosphere, Heiki, Kinder Atom, Lazer Caps and Rapoon.
In addition, the tracks on QD1 have been mega mixed into one long
continuous 36 minute ambient mega mix,
by paper+sound label chief Heiki Sillaste.
Compiled/photo/design by Heiki Sillaste.
Originally released as Quiet Drones Vol.1 (nice0032)
January 2007 as a limited edition CD of 150 copies
On the nice+smooth ultramedia label.
Remastered at Wright Sounds, Toronto
January 2019.
1. Atonement Vs. Chromosphere: Beliefs Of The A’kjai
2. Kinder Atom: Simplicity Of Two Keyboards
3. Lazer Caps: Wah Drone
4. Heiki: Sauna Porch
5. Chromosphere: Voices At Night
6. Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom: February
7. Atonement: Mind
8. Kinder Atom: Theme From Supernice


Atonement Vs. Chromosphere
Beliefs Of The A’kjai

Written By David S. Faris, Heiki Sillaste, Kristian Helstrom
Recorded at The Lounge, Thorold, Ontario

Kinder Atom
Simplicity Of Two Keyboards

Written By Gerald Belanger, Heiki Sillaste
Recorded at Modulations, Toronto
Taken from the Kinder Atom 2xCD “Supernice Hippy Pants” (nice+smooth)

Lazer Caps
Wah Drone

Written By: Gerald Belanger, Heiki Sillaste
Recorded at nice+smooth Studios Soho, Toronto
Taken from the Laser Caps CD ‘Rubber Jazz” (nice+smooth)

Sauna Porch

Written by: Heiki Sillaste
Recorded at Sauna Porch Recordings Co., North Keppel, Ontario
Taken from the album ‘Sauna Porch Recordings Co.’ (paper+sound)

Voices At Night

Written By: Kristian Helstrom
Recorded at The Lounge, Thorold, Ontario

Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom

Written By: Heiki Sillaste, Kristian Helstrom, Robin Storey
Recorded at Wright Sounds, Toronto


Written By: David S. Faris, Heiki Sillaste
Recorded at The Coach House, Toronto.

Kinder Atom
Theme From Supernice

Written By: Gerald Belanger, Chris Drost, Heiki Sillaste
Recorded at nice+smooth studios Soho, Toronto
Taken from the Kinder Atom 2xCD “Supernice Hippy Pants” (nice+smooth)