Sound of Paper 3

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Sound Of Paper 2
Various Sound of Paper 3 FREE Download (paplus20)

Sound Of Paper 3 marks the twentieth release on PAPER+SOUND.
This third volume previews music pulled from the previous six
releases on the label and includes tracks and remixes from
Taperecorder, Heiki, Chromosphere, Kinder Atom and
dreamSTATE. Sound Of Paper 3 is a FREE download only
release, continuously mixed into a 30 minute blend.
Brooklyn based intergalactic funksters TAPERECORDER remix the techno track Making Up Words by
label head honcho HEIKI
. Taper’s Marc Hug, transforms the track into a glitchy slow building dance
floor stomper. A relentless bleeping bassline propels the track, while the sweeping phased pads drive
the track to new cosmic heights.
Toronto’s electronic music bricklayers KINDER ATOM contribute the first mix of their single
Naked Mask/Masque Nue. Minimal pulsing arpeggios over a relentless thud, overlayed with fragments
of voices and vague pads and otherworldly sounds. What’s behind the Naked Mask?
Delicate string-like tones fade in and out of the listening spectrum on Thunder and Snow by
CHROMOSPHERE. The most recent full-length album Spectral Omissions (CD/DL) on Paper+Sound
explores much of the similar territory in creating emotive, ambient soundscapes.
Snow Drifter was recorded in January 2012 by ambient duo dreamSTATE (Scott M2 and Jamie Todd)
with electronic sound-artist Heiki Sillaste. Taken from their full-length Paper+Sound CD/DL
“The North Shore”.
Snow Drifter sonically evokes the Canadian winters of their lifetimes –
travels through white fields and deep woods, along frozen rivers and by the shorelines of the
great lakes. The “The North Shore” CD package is a numbered limited-edition of 250 copies in
digipak with glass mastered audio CD and four signed artcards.
ATONEMENT contribute Clicker 2, a piece from their debut Age Of Atonement e.p. With barely audible
tones and subtle hints of sound slowly emerging out of silence. Almost subconscious drones and
rumblings provide an undercurrent for a series of unpredictable sonic events, slowly uncoiling
and punctuated by static and clicks.
Making Up Words (Acid Mix) by HEIKI.Percolating 303’s, cowbell and sub bass hits make for hyper
acid action. Taken from Heiki’s four track Making Up Words e.p. Watch the video on YouTube!
Sister Ship is a continuation and revisiting of an earlier tune called Mother Ship, which
Chromosphere released in the late ’90′s on fab cult label Plan 11 Records. A four to the floor kick
grounds the massive, cosmic laser boogie. Sister Ship was created for Kris Helstrom’s older sister
on her birthday a year ago. Taken from Chromosphere E.P. 2.
paper+sound is a Toronto based electronic music label, releasing music under the broad
sub-categories of ambient, techno, house, dub, downtempo and experimental sounds.
The paper+sound release schedule includes download MP3s, CDs, vinyl and videos.
1. HEIKI: Making Up Words (TAPERECORDER mix)
2. KINDER ATOM: Naked Mask Masque Nue
3. CHROMOSPHERE: Thunder & Snow
4. dreamSTATE vs. HEIKI: Snow Drifter
5. ATONEMENT: Clicker 2
6. HEIKI: Making Up Words (Acid Mix)
7. CHROMOSPHERE: Sister Ship

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