Sound of Paper 2

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Sound Of Paper 2
Various Sound of Paper 2 FREE Download (paplus15)

paper+sound is a newish Toronto based electronic music label, releasing music under the broad sub-categories of ambient, techno, house, dub, downtempo and experimental sounds.
Sound of Paper 2 is a FREE mixed collection of tracks taken from the three latest releases on the paper+sound label.
The compilation is available exclusively from the paper+sound website as a 37 minute MP3 download.
Sauna Porch Recordings Co. is the latest release by Toronto electronic music scene veteran HEIKI.
It’s a collection of new music entirely composed and recorded on the porch of the rustic sauna cabin his father designed and built in Georgian Bay over 35 years ago.
Climate Adaptive Capacity is another foray into to the psyche of naw’s abstract interpretations of the world we live in. As in the past naw draws in his continued inspiration of the sound ecology of cities, places and spaces he encounters on a daily basis. naw (Neil Wiernik) began composing electronic music in 1988 with explorations in audio art and experimental music.
Spectral Omissions by CHROMOSPHERE is the newest solo project of Digital Poodle and Kinder Atom alumnus Kris Helstrom. Often tightly packed with special guests, Chromosphere is an electro-forum for odd, and sometimes not so odd, musical ideas. Experimental and urbane improvisations jammed loosely over oozing break-beats most easily describes the sound from within the Chromosphere.


Listen to selections from the Sound of Paper 2 compilation
1 naw_When The Tree Tops Touch The Clouds
2 Chromosphere_Fundamental State
3 Heiki_Külm Järve Vesi
4 naw_Dewdrip
5 Heiki_Friday Man
6 Chromosphere_Gravitation

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