Quiet Drones 7

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Various Quiet Drones 7 Download (paplus43)

Volume seven in the ongoing Quiet Drones compilation series of
instrumental, electronic ambient drone music.

All of the music on this compilation was recorded during the summer months of 2015, and released in time for the end of the season. The musicians recorded their individual tracks either outdoors, under the stars or inside rustic summer cabins, with the idyllic surroundings most definitely influencing the music.

The compilation’s final piece is by the newly formed LUMINOUS HAZE. Towards the middle of July, many of the musicians featured on Quiet Drones 7, congregated to Heiki’s cottage to record music collaboratively. The first day up north was spent mainly socializing, swimming, saunaing and listening to music. Never was there any talk about what ‘kind’ of music they would want to play. On the second day, after everyone spent a few hours setting up their instruments and their gear, the record button was pressed, and away they went. Instinct and deep listening created a positive vibe between the players. Hours of music came out of this session. Most of it great. Big Bay Drone is the real life soundtrack to sixteen minutes and fourty nine seconds of that day. More will follow.

Quiet Drones 7 collects new and exclusive beatless
In addition, the tracks on QD7 have been mega mixed into one long continuous ambient mega mix,
by paper+sound label chief Heiki Sillaste and Chromosphere’s Kris Helstrom.
1. Scott M2: White Cloud Island
2. Heiki: Mobile Mass
3. Processor: Sun Block No.4
4. dreamSTATE vs. Heiki: Nimbostratus
5. Chromosphere: Black Lakes Part 2
6. Luminous Haze: Big Bay Drone


Scott M2
White Cloud Island

Scott M2 (aka Scott McGregor Moore) is a founding member of ambient electronic group dreamSTATE and is as happy gliding across Animooog on his iPad as jacking deep into his Moog modular.

Recorded at Heiki Sillaste’s cottage on July 11th, 2015, “White Cloud Island” is named for a large misty island glimpsed far across Big Bay from Heiki’s stony beach. Scott created it on two iPads running iDensity and Animoog through an Eventide Space and H9.

Mobile Mass

The desire to escape the strict confines of the concrete city during the warm months, is central to maintaining a clear real/hyper real divide. Recorded in isolation over a two day period in The Great Canadian North. No telephone and no outside connections, clear of the Mobile Mass. Recorded on the sauna porch. Not clear of electronic music making devices though. Ha!

Sun Block No.4

Sun Block No. 4 was created on the night of July 12th, 2015 by PROCESSOR. Instrumentation: Record Player, Tape Player, Pedals and Synthesizer. Part 4 of a series of 5 recordings made on Georgian Bay by the duo.


dreamSTATE vs Heiki

dreamSTATE is an ambient electronic music project known for their soundscape albums, installations and pioneering live ambient performances. dreamSTATE’s Scott M2 and Jamie Todd (aka URM) have also curated THE AMBiENT PiNG live ambient performance event in Toronto since 2000.

Heiki is a veteran of the Toronto electronic music scene since 1987 and also performs and records with Kinder Atom, Digital Poodle and Les Fontaines.

dreamSTATE and Heiki joined forces in 2012 and have released “The North Shore” album and several compilation tracks. Their next release, “Stone Shore”, is planned to drop in Fall 2015. “Nimbostratus” was recorded outdoors under the Toronto night sky of June 5th, 2015 and is exclusive to “Quiet Drones 7″.

Black Lakes Part 2

Black Lakes is the audio portion of an up coming collaborative multimedia work in progress. The central theme for this installation is water. Everything from floating on it to drowning in it. A black lake is the encompassing nick-name given to most northern lakes in Ontario’s interior; distinguished by the dark colour of the waters and silty bottoms. Diving in these lakes is an experience not for the faint hearted. One might only be able to see about a meter or so in front of oneself at only three to four meters of depth. Exhilarating.

Luminous Haze
Big Bay Drone

All the artists featured on Quiet Drones 7 (Scott M2 [dreamSTATE], Heiki Sillaste, Lorenz Peter & Melissa Joakim [Processor] and Kris Helstrom [Chromosphere]) come together as Luminous Haze in this new project, born in Summer 2015 on the shore of Big Bay, Ontario.

Recorded at Heiki’s cottage on the afternoon of July 11th, 2015, “Big Bay Drone” is exclusive to this compilation and will not appear on the forthcoming Luminous Haze album “Spectral World”.