Quiet Drones 6

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Quiet Drones 6
Various Quiet Drones 6 Download (paplus37)

Quiet Drones 6 is the latest installment in the
continuing compilation series of instrumental,
experimental ambient drone music. Toronto seems
to currently be in the throes of an ambient/drone explosion.
No less than four to five regular experimental music nights,
featuring mostly local acts, are thriving across the city.
This volume of Quiet Drones focuses on a small sampling
of Toronto and surrounding area based musicians active in
the scene.
The various pieces on this edition all soundtrack, in one way or another,
the city of Toronto. The music on this compilation occasionally sounds
distant and cold or it invokes warmth and playfulness, reflecting every
day city life.
Compiled by Heiki Sillaste who has collected new and exclusive beatless
The tracks have been mega mixed into one long continuous ambient mega mix,
by paper+sound label head Heiki Sillaste and Chromosphere’s Kris Helstrom.
1. Chromosphere: Midnight Tram Through Old Town
2. dreamSTATE: Ephemeral City (Twilight)
3. Cell Memory: Approval Of The Press
4. URM: Siburbia
5. Cinemascope: 30 Years of Hitchhiking
6. Jakob Thiesen: Blue Moon (for Heiki)
7. Displacer: The Encounter
8. Heiki: Ravines





Borne of one musician’s struggle to compose, Chromosphere began, though under differing guises, in 1989 as the solo project of Kris Helström. Without established parameters of genre, Chromosphere uses electronic sounds, both analogue and digital, as well as found-sound, from within and without our atmosphere, and some elements of guitar, bass and on occasion other assorted instruments not unusual to a symphony orchestra, to explore soundscapes both grand and intimate. Collaborations with a few close friends over the years is what makes Chromosphere still vital to its composer in his never ending attempt to bridge avant-garde and ambient music to a somewhat more accessible dance or uptempo style.Spending a lot of time exploring both extremes and often compromising to somewhere in the middle.

“Midnight Tram Through Old Town” is an impression piece, that remains much closer to the ambient pole. A late night trip along rain washed streets on rusted rails past empty store fronts.


Founded in 1995, the dreamSTATE duo of Scott M2 and Jamie Todd have
blazed trails in Canadian live ambient-soundscape performances and
nurtured the vital Toronto ambient music scene via THE AMBiENT PiNG.
Over the years they’ve created several ambient installations for art
galleries and are now squeezing multi-media installations into
iPhone/iPad apps which they call iAlbums.

“Ephemeral City (Twilight)” was captured directly from the endless flow
of dronescapes in dreamSTATE’s infinite ambient music app “Ephemeral
City” – which creates a new arrangement each time it’s played.

Cell Memory

Adam Terejko is a Toronto based musician, visual artist and videographer. He performs under the name Cell Memory which takes on many different forms with rotating players. Sometimes a three piece dream pop band and other times a solo experimental noise act.

“Approval Of The Press” is an improvised piece from the spring of 2013 performed with a Fender Jazz guitar with six strings, an Energy Bow, copper and glass slide, one broken drum stick and several instances of delay and reverb.


URM is the solo project of Jamie Todd, a Toronto based Canadian electronic artist who is currently an active member in the dreamSTATE, SADU and NOiNO music projects. Jamie first became entangled in the wires of electronic music in 1983 as a founding member of the new wave synth pop project Modern Times (MX) and soon after in 1986 began plugging in with Canadian synthesizer pioneers Radio Silence. Around the century’s turn, Jamie’s studio began to evolve from a few hardware synthesizers, effect units and piles of wires to include a bounty of software based synths, effects and virtual wires so recordings began to pile up and URM was born. Jamie and long time electronic music collaborator Scott M2 (MX, Radio Silence and dreamSTATE) have been producing and curating Toronto’s THE AMBiENT PiNG concert series since 2000.

Siburbia was created out of recordings from an URM live performance at the PiNG on November 25th 2014 by mixing together 3 of the transitional ambient sections. Siburbia evokes the wide open spaces of the suburbs (industrial spaces like hydro fields, parking lots, highways, roadways and factories as well as human and natural spaces like parklands, creeks and rivers) in the cold of winter when the sound gets heavy and hollow while hanging in the frozen moisture of the air.


Cinemascope was formed in 2004 by Rob Boak (ex Interstellar). Originally a solo project, it became a two-piece when San Pannozzo began producing tracks and soon after became a member. Their sound is a blend of psychedelic and space rock, with touches of ambient, shoegaze and electronica. Rob occasionally sings for Sun Glitters and cyclorama both from Luxembourg.

Recorded in Toronto at Studio One Fifteen, May 2014.
Written and recorded by Rob Boak.

Jakob Thiesen

This Toronto based musician has been exploring electronic and acoustic sound for over 10 years. Jakob’s love for film is apparent in all his works, his numerous independent music releases, field recordings, and sound design for picture have all focused on the malleability of sound. “Blue Moon (for Heiki)” is a improvised / composed / abstract ambient music / visual piece developed in homage to early abstract film pioneers originally performed at the ambient ping in Toronto. Watch Here

The sound is a combination of wavetable synthesis. sampling, field recording and modular synthesis.The visuals are a selection of vintage abstract non – narrative film artworks on the screen behind the performer.


Displacer is the solo electronic project of Toronto, Ontario-based musician Michael Morton. He had his start on Mute Records’ Pre-Set New Electronic Music (2003). Selected from the best demos received during that year, the track “Deep” garnished the attention of Paris, France-based M-Tronic Records. Moving on to release albums for Tympanik Audio, Hymen Records and his own Crime League, he continues to refine his craft in audio and video production.

“The Encounter” is a drone drawing inspiration from a recording session for my friend with a fatal illness. It pieces together two other songs written for him. I tried to write it emotionally-speaking using each part to inspire the next. A free-flowing improvised output. I start with sampling and then experiment layering loops and sounds from my modular and vintage synthesizers.


Heiki (Hey-Key) is a veteran of the Toronto electronic music scene. Since 1987, Heiki Sillaste has released an impressive catalogue of well over 45 synthesizer-based records and made over 150 compilation appearances. Heiki began his musical career fronting the internationally acclaimed industrial-tekno group DIGITAL POODLE in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He has continued his musical journey with electronic groups KINDER ATOM, LAZER CAPS and LES FONTAINES.

Heiki currently works as a graphic designer and he owns and operates the Toronto based paper+sound record label.

Ravines connect the city, providing green spaces and small connections to nature in the otherwise artifical, man-made construct of cities. Heiki rediscovered the orginal recording for “Ravines”, while archiving an unmarked 4-track master tape of recordings he made back in 1988. Mixed and processed twenty seven years later, this subtle and delicate drone finally sees the light of day.