Quiet Drones 2

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Various Quiet Drones 2 Download (paplus03)

Quiet Drones 2 continues the highly successful series of well…Quiet ambient non-rhythmic drones!
Curated by Heiki Sillaste who has collected a few rarities including exclusive beatless tracks from KINDER ATOM, BULSARR (Orphyx), CHROMOSPHERE, RELPXYCHACOUSTICS, HEIKI, TERROR DANCERS, ATONEMENT and RAPOON.
The album also includes a bonus seamless 58 minute super ambient mix by Heiki, which further processes and meshes all of the pieces into a continuous wall of drone.


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Listen to Quiet Drones 2
1 Kinder Atom_Eagle Sprouts_beatless mix
2 Bulsarr_Stasis
3 Chromosphere_Ilse of Silence
4 Heiki vs.Chromosphere_Threemoogdrone
5 Relpxychacoustics_Citynightlights_quiet drones edit
6 Rapoon vs. Kinder Atom_Heart Beatzlezz
7 Atonement_Failed Policy
8 Terror Dancers_Default
9 Heiki_Suve Kodu