Sub Bus

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naw Sub Bus Download (paplus26)

Sub Bus b/w Low Level Transit Movement came out of a series of experiments that involved
myself responding in real time musically to my daily public transit commutes to and from my day job.
These commutes which at the time of composing this material were abut 2 hours in length each way,
sometimes a little longer. My process was simple, using either an iPad or an iPhone and one of many
different iOS music making apps I would write one part of the tracks found in this 2 song single,
responding in the moment on the bus or subway to how my commute was making me feel. Each track was
written in a multi day process, drums, bass, synth melody or lead, percussion and so on. Once I
got all parts written out I would use that as raw material to compose each track in my home studio,
finally resulting in the single your listening to now. Thanks for listening, naw
Montreal ex-pat naw (Neil Wiernik) who currently calls Toronto his home, began composing
electronic music in 1988 with explorations in audio art and experimental music. Neil’s interest in
sound and technology has lead him to a continued questioning and refinement of audio tools
and modes of production resulting in experimentation with altered instruments, modified devices,
and custom software environments. Neil’s music could be described as warm, atmospheric,
and cinematic electronic music. The sound design of naw is firmly grounded in the rich traditions
ofdub studio culture but can also be weighed alongside formal contemporary composition. His music
was recently described in “The Wire” as having “…the kind of sharpness and clarity usually lost
amidthe murk and decay of clicks and cuts and digital delays.” Neil has released music on various
labelsNoise Factory Records for his naw project and on Elevation Recordings for his most recent
project Whisper Room. Sub Bus is his second release on the paper+sound label.

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