Everyday Systems Change

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naw_Everyday Systems Change
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Montreal ex-pat naw (Neil Wiernik) who currently calls Toronto his home, began composing
electronic music in 1988 with explorations in audio art and experimental music. Neil’s interest in
sound and technology has lead him to a continued questioning and refinement of audio tools
and modes of production resulting in experimentation with altered instruments, modified devices,
and custom software environments.
Neil’s music could be described as warm, atmospheric,and cinematic electronic music.
The sound design of naw is firmly grounded in the rich traditions of dub studio culture but can also
be weighed alongside formal contemporary composition. His music was described in “The Wire”
as having “…the kind of sharpness and clarity usually lost amid the murk and decay of clicks
and cuts and digital delays.” Neil has released music on various labels Noise Factory Records
for his naw project and on Elevation Recordings for his most recent project Whisper Room.
Everyday Systems Change is his third release on the paper+sound label.
1. Everyday Systems Change 9:00
2. Pressure Riddim (Subnatural Symbolic Ver. 6.0) 11:29
3. Everyday Systems Change (Heiki ambient dub) 12:40
Everyday Systems Change
Recorded at In The Box, Toronto, Canada
Sept-Nov 2014
Composed, Performed and Recorded by Neil [naw] Wiernik
SOCAN 2014
Everyday Systems Change (Heiki ambient dub)
Recorded at Wright Sounds, Toronto, Canada
Nov-Dec 2014
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