Cracked Elbow

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Heiki Cracked Elbow Download (paplus53)

Cracked Elbow is the latest release by Toronto electronic music scene veteran Heiki Sillaste, and his tenth release for his paper+sound label.

The title track Cracked Elbow (127 bpm) features crackling percussion and glitchy abstract hits over a solid kick drum. The deep, pumping low end holds the hazy atmospheric pads in check, while creating a tense contrast between the various elements of sound.

Track two, Clip Clop (123bpm) is an acid warbler, recorded with restored vintage synths and drum machines. The pounding kick drum works off of the 303 and the delayed snappy snares add to the slow building machine funk.

The front cover image is an actual photo of Heiki’s right arm, taken prior to the surgery which removed the titanium hardware.

This release leads up to Heiki’s new full length album, currently in the finishing stages, which will be released soon on the paper+sound label.

Written and painstakingly mixed by Heiki Sillaste.
Recorded at Wright Sounds, Toronto.
Super edits and sweeps on Broken Elbow by Chromosphere.
Thanks to Geraldo for the boops on one.
Artwork and design by Heiki.
Front cover photo by Saint Joe.
Live photo by Artur Augustynowicz.
Listen to the Cracked Elbow e.p.

1 Cracked Elbow 7:03 / 127 BPM
2 Clip Clop 6:57 / 123 BPM

Buy the Cracked Elbow e.p.


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