De Haga

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De Haga Thereness DL (paplus39)

De Haga explores a space ungrounded by transient melodies and somber ambience.
Light touches decay and tread along minimalistic arrangements that move into
unknown depths and dimensions. Analogue synthesis and artificial percussion
paint the transparent backdrops of Thereness.
Songs written between Toronto and New York.
Hardware includes analogue synthesizer, drum machine
and MIDI sequencer that were recorded directly into a DAW.
Composed, Performed and Recorded by Haig Bedrossian 2015
Listen to Thereness
1 Not Two 5:20
2 Interspaced 3:00
3 Pladeloop 4:45
4 Osc Wave Tears 1:44
5 Hexiholm 3:32
6 Galactic Freight 2:14
7 Missing Time 1:08
8 Socket 3:44
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Watch the OSC Wave Tears video
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