Spectral Omissions

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Chromosphere Spectral Omissions CD/DL (paplus13)

Chromosphere is the solo project of Kris Helstrom, an alumnus of Digital Poodle and Kinder Atom.
Chromosphere’s third full-length album, Spectral Omissions mostly discards beats, in favour of
highly textured washes of sound. The restrained compositions feature layers of drones sans any
rhythm, save perhaps a pulse to assure the listener that the music is indeed alive.
Exploration seems to still best describe what it is that occurs within this particular
Chromosphere. The Spectral Omissions album is released on paper+sound as a digital download
and as a strictly limited 250 copy edition digipack release.


Listen to Spectral Omissions
1 Signaling Across The Hertzsprung Gap
2 Landing Instructions
3 Green
4 Fundamental State
5 Orbiting Deneb
6 Flocule
7 Back On Charon
8 Launch Code Accepted
9 Gravitation
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