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Chromosphere_EP2.jpgChromosphere Miranda Download (paplus21)

Chromosphere is the solo project of Digital Poodle and
Kinder Atom alumnus Kris Helstrom.
Often tightly packed with special guests, Chromosphere is an
electro-forum for odd, and sometimes not so odd, musical ideas.
Experimental and urbane improvisations jammed loosely over
oozing break-beats most easily describes the sound from within
the Chromosphere.
Miranda came about while celebrating our decision
to finally visit our favorite Uranian moon. The track turned out
way better then the trip; we nearly crashed.

You see, we had done all our vector and distance calculations
in metric, and then accidentally did all the burn time over
weight calculations while stoned drunk. Turns out my guitarist
can do a dead stick landing with the headphone strap covering
his eyes. We nearly bought the farm a second time during our
re-entry approach and it wasn’t looking too good for us at
that point. With the empty fuel tanks and reaction chamber
gone cold, it seemed doubtful that Roland could land the
ship in one piece, even with his eyes blocked out, which
is the manner in which he does his best work. It was exactly
then that URM hacked in, logged on, took over remotely,
and brought us down without so much as a dent in the fender.

They say that any landing you can walk away from is a good one.
URM made it so that we never wanted to leave our seats.

Produced by Kris Helstrom.
Guitar by Roland Last.
Recorded at Temple Studios, Toronto.
Mixed and manipulated by Heiki at Wright Sounds, Toronto.
Mastered by URM.
Socan 2013
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