Entering the Carina Nebula

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Chromosphere Entering the Carina Nebula DL (paplus36)

All nebulae are staggeringly beautiful and deserved of song. One of the ongoing missions of Chromosphere is to accomplish this endeavor. Of course this can’t be done in one lifetime, but that barrier offers no real incentive to not try.

Personnel for this voyage, and with great thanks from mission control are Roland Last on guitars and Scott McGregor Moore on dream synth. Mission specialist Heiki Sillaste rounds out this crew expertly with his indispensable mastering and graphic layout.

Entering the Carina Nebula is a free download from the generous beings at Paper+Sound. Please take some time to explore this extraordinary label. You’ll be glad you did.
Peaceful wishes, until the next Chromosphere transmission.

Written and produced by Chromosphere
Kris Helstrom synths and programming
Roland Last on guitars
Scott McGregor Moore on dream synth
Released on Christmas Day, 2014
Free Download