Arthur C

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Chromosphere Arthur C DL (paplus34)

If all art of every sort ever created could be accurately summed up into one word, I believe that that word would be ‘communication’. The act of creating an idea beyond one’s own imaginings and into a substantial form intended for communicating that idea to others, or merely even to one’s own self for future referencing, seems to me to define the essentiality of art… as well as other pursuits I’ll here leave unmentioned.
Along with being the longest resident influence to me personally, Arthur C. Clarke in a very real way allowed the world to communicate with itself, not only in its entirety, but also in real time; save the slight lag of that ever intruding and life-complicating speed of light. Clarke’s envisioning of the communication satellite in 1945, an idea that in 1963 won him the Franklin Institute’s Stuart Ballantine Medal, has allowed humanity to communicate not only ideas of art, but indeed facilitate nearly all facets of our modern life.
2001 wasn’t bad either…
– Chromosphere

1.Arthur C 05:31
2.Arthur C (acid remix) 05:12
Produced by Kris Helström.
Recorded at Temple Studios, Toronto.
Acid Mix reproduced by Heiki Sillaste at Wright Sounds, Toronto.
Socan 2014
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