Building Castles Out of Matchsticks
The Chromosphere Remixes

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pps58_BCOM vs. CHROM-01
Building Castles Out of Matchsticks: The Chromosphere Remixes Download (paplus59)

Building Castles Out of Matchsticks is the musical diary of Anne Sulikowski.

Anne has been musical since she was a child and started noodling with electronics in her last year of high school. Since then, she has performed in many groups and duos, often sticking to improvised works and various forms of audio installations. She primarily uses synthesizers and many, many effects pedals and guitars…

Anne began Building Castles Out of Matchsticks, as a solo project in Winter 2000, to musically document and explore extraordinary events, dreams, her experience of love and lack of love, battles with introspection, her wildly vivid imagination, promises made and broken, random thoughts and all the simple pleasures and bursts of boredom in her everyday life… A musical diary of a wanderer…

Building Castles Out of Matchsticks is no stranger to Chromosphere. Her brilliance is scattered all over Chromosphere’s 1999’s debut album, Red Candy, where she turned a pedestrian group of electronic scribblings into something magical.

Kris Helstrom of Chromosphere says, “Time and opportunity has allowed me to look around in her world and hopefully repay the debt by reimagining three of her already perfect pieces, and giving them a different colour of light to hear them by. I can take no credit for the beauty of these songs, Anne provided that without spare, I only endeavoured to change the focus of each song to show the same beauty from a different perspective.”

“I recorded Dickhop while I was working and staying in a hotel downtown Toronto.” says Anne Sulikowski, “It represented a type of walk I noticed people in the area were portraying. I called it Dickhop, as it sort of had a nose in the air high fashion quality about it I despised. You see I’ve already waited too long is a piece of accidental guitar, one of reflection and too much reverb. Pocket universe is a track that was released with my album “to dream outside the lines” it was recorded late at night after an internet binge of guitar pedal demos and articles about different theories of the universe. Throw some weed in there and my amazing pedal collection and that recording was born. I’m thankful and honoured that Chromosphere has reworked my pieces so brilliantly, Kris is someone I am forever thankful to as he taught me so much about synthesis, 80s new wave and the importance of the pitch bender.”

All music by Anne Sulikowski.
Recorded at The Aquarium, Hamilton.
Kris Helström: Synth and Drum Programming
Roland Last: Guitars
Darrell Mason: Bass
Mastered at Wright Sounds, Toronto by Heiki Sillaste and Kris Helstrom.
Photography by Anne Sulikowski and Kris Helstrom.
Image remixing and typography by Heiki Sillaste.
Listen to The Chromosphere Remixes

1 DikHop (Chromosphere Remix) 4:56
2 Pocket Universe (Chromosphere Remix) 10:42
3 You See, I’ve Already Waited Too Long (Chromosphere Remix) 10:06

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