Bay Of Creatures

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Bay Of Creatures is a recording project begun in 2006
with Jay Isaac & Lorenz Peter.

“We wanted to make dissonant, poetic, dark electronic sounds”. Improvised sessions resulted in dynamic and extremely rough sounding songs with catchy leads, profound lyrics and recorded with great attention to quality. For Jay, Bay Of Creatures was a vehicle to distance himself from damaging vices at the time.

For LP, it was his first real break from a 10 year involvement with shock rocker CORPUSSE. The first two Bay Of Creatures albums are punk rock in spirit and show an equal flare for both chaos and fine art. These were released independently on CD in 2006 and 2008.

Sessions began on the third album in 2010 with the introduction of a drummer. This short lasting attempt then led to the introduction of drum machines and programming. Recording was begun in Toronto and then completed at a New York City studio with sound engineer Nick Marcillio.

M Joakim was introduced on bass guitar in the spring of 2012 and the last four recordings were made.

The third album is finally here!

If a mic and a large rock were put in a metal can and rolled down the stairs into a basement room, where a 40 year old man sits and cries alone, one could accurately describe Bay Of Creatures’ sound.

Jay Isaac is a visual artist living in Toronto.

Lorenz Peter is a record shop owner and plays in Toronto duo, Processor with M Joakim.

All music by Jay Isaac and Lorenz Peter.
Additional bass by M Joakim.
Recorded in Toronto and New York City 2005-2010.
Mastered at Wright Sounds, Toronto by Heiki Sillaste.


Listen to Bay Of Creatures 3

1 Fleas
2 Neon For Life
3 Dinosaur Party
4 Dark Matter
5 Cemetary
6 Enlightenment
7 Resources
8 Saturday Night
9 Dried Flowers
10 On The Beach
11 Open Ended

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