Age of Atonement

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Atonement_AgeOfAtonementAtonement Age of Atonement e.p. Download (paplus17)

Atonement is the recording project of Heiki Sillaste (Digital Poodle, Kinder Atom) and David S. Faris (Parade), exploring the further reaches of electronic sound and improvised music. Formed in the late ’90s, Atonement is an outlet for uninhibited collaborations, utilizing a variety of electronic gear, primarily analogue synthesizers, drum machines, and an assortment of effects units and guitar pedals, largely steering clear of computers and sequencers. The resulting material ranges from subtle ambient tones to unlikely beat-driven tracks to intense noise manipulations.
Atonement create music that revels in the purity of raw electronic sounds, drawing inspiration from 20th Century electronic music, first wave industrial music pioneers, ambient music, and the adventurous spirit of ’80s cassette culture, among other things.
While Atonement has existed for almost a decade and a half, “Age of Atonement” is the duo’s first official release. Beyond a few obscure live shows and compilation appearances, Atonement has remained under the radar to date. “Age of Atonement” breaks the silence, an e.p. of suitably uncompromising sound explorations and improvisations, drawn from various sessions in different studio environments, and offering a brief glimpse of things to come. Atonement’s debut full-length album will follow later this year on Paper+Sound.


Clicker 1 opens the e.p. with barely audible tones and subtle hints of sound slowly emerging out of silence. Almost subconscious drones and rumblings provide an undercurrent for a series of unpredictable sonic events, slowly uncoiling and punctuated by static and clicks.
Clicker 2 is the companion piece, similarly abstract and fractured. This excursion is a cluster of crackling, skipping fragments of noise, interwoven with pulsating blips and wide, arcing tones and washes of electronic sound.
Pulse is an exercise in lively minimalism, defining space and movement in a brief sketch. A rapidly flickering electro-pulse interplays with layers of raw noise and texture, fading in and out of the mix.
Dust Static rounds out the e.p., a system music piece comprised of thick, heavy tones and dark drones, in contrast to the earlier tracks. Infused with a sense of menace and a foreboding nocturnal atmosphere, “Dust Static” is a soundfield of analogue synth tones, merged with field recordings from Thailand, courtesy of ambient/experimental artist Dust That Collects. This evocative closing track is drawn from an early Atonement recording session from the late ’90s.
All tracks recorded and produced by Atonement. Mixed and mastered at Wright Sounds, Toronto. Recorded at Plan 11 Studios, The Coach House and on the sauna porch.
Source material on “Dust Static” courtesy of Dust That Collects, from their cassette release “Video Night on Kowsan Road” (1991, Endogenous Productions)


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1 Clicker
2 Clicker 2
3 Pulse
4 Dust Static
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